Arte contemporáneo y la biósfera de Oaxaca
Jarol Moreno _ Arte Oaxaca_

Jarol Moreno

(1989 San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oax. México)

Jarol studied visual arts at the Fine Arts School of the Benito Juarez Autonoumous University of Oaxaca and in several workshops such as the Rufino Tamayo Visual Arts Workshop.

He has participated in collective exhibitions in his native state and in several cities in Mexico. His paintings are representative of the group of young Oaxaca landscape artists who are becoming well known through the quality and added value springing from their paintbrushes.

“Each work is like an open window looking on the environment and architecture at the core of the alteration; the human being is the one who intervenes in ecosystems as just one component of the constant evolution and transformation of the landscape.”