Arte contemporáneo y la biósfera de Oaxaca
Eddie Martínez _ Arte Oaxaca_

Eddie Martínez

(1963 San Francisco del Mar, Oax. México)

Eddie is from the southern part of the state of Oaxaca, an area rich is Zapotec folklore and renowned for its cultural and gastronomic diversity. All of this is reflected in his use of bright colors and extremely rich and varied composition. He is a charismatic, calm person, rather thoughtful, which allows him to perfect tiny details with a great deal of patience and striving for perfection and has distinguished him from other artists. His compositions have diverse objects juxtaposed in harmonic balance, amazing complexity, and superior quality.

The painting itself guides him, tells him where to go, what to do, what to correct, or to start over. At times he loses himself within the work, and he tries to go back to the beginning because his will is to achieve that the figures not become completely lost.